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10 Reasons to Visit Taipei

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10 Reasons to Visit Taipei


1. The Tallest Bamboo, Taipei 101

Like many other iconic buildings, the bamboo-shaped 508-meter-tall building represents exactly what Taipei is, an outstanding, energetic and cultural city. Visitors can go shopping or head up to the 89th floor observatory to enjoy the magnificent city views.

2. Get Anywhere, fast!

The Taipei Metro or MRT has 5 lines that can take you almost anywhere. Operating from 6am to 12am, its cheap, clean, fast, punctual and never goes on strike. Also, you can try Youbike Bike Share system with hundreds of stations located all around the city.

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Taipei MRT / photo by Natasha Wang


3. Money Gods

If you want to get rich, go to Hong Lu Di. A very popular temple for locals, people come here to pray to the God of Money for wealth. When you see the statue of the god, you can touch the gold ingot in his hand, which can bring you good luck.

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Touch the gold ingot on God’s hand / photo by Natasha Wang



4. A Foodie’s Paradise

Taipei is a foodie’s paradise. Every tourist goes to Din Tai Fung for dumplings. I’d like to suggest that you try the beef noodles there, it’s a must-have. Besides that, the fine dining in Taipei is outstanding as well. You shouldn’t miss RAW, which is one of Asia’s 2017 50 best restaurants.

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Beef noodles of Din Tai Fung / photo by Natasha Wang


5. Get Cultured

Huashan 1914 Creative Park is a 100-year-old winery turned full-fledged art scene and cultural epicenter of Taipei. The old factory buildings have transformed into exhibition venues and hold Taiwan’s most significant cultural activities. It’s one of the most vibrant corners and meeting points for hipsters in Taipei.

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Huashan 1914 Creative Park / photo by Natasha Wang



6. A City that Never Sleeps

Night Markets are a special part of the culture in Taiwan. The vendors occupy small streets that sell food, drinks and clothing which operate until midnight. They provide interesting, local, and delicious food such as oyster omelets, braised pork rice and stinky tofu. Some famous ones are Ningxia, Raohe and Shihlin.

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Night Market / photo by Natasha Wang

7. The Blue Highway

Experience charming Taipei via a river cruise. There are 10 fixed routes available, but I suggest choosing the most popular ferry, Dadaocheng Wharf to Tamsui. Once you arrive, you can take a walk along Tamsui Old Street, a boardwalk area that has great sunset views in the evenings.

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Tamsui River / photo by Natasha Wang



8. Relaxing 

Feel tired? No Problem! There are literally hundreds of foot massage shops around the city. Foot massage or foot reflexology improves blood circulation and metabolism, which usually starts with a 10-minute herbal foot soak. Then, master reflexologists will cure all of your ills. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready to explore some more.

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Foot massage shops / photo by Natasha Wang



9. Meet the Local Fauna

Located in northern Taipei, Tienmu Old Trail is great for people looking for some nature and tranquility. Along the forest path you can see Formosan Macaques enjoying the shade. Please don’t feed them.

10. Discover Hidden Treasures

Visit Gu Gong National Palace Museum to see thousands of Chinese artifacts and treasures. From the Jade Cabbage to ancient Chinese paintings, there is definitely something to spark your interest.

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Jade Cabbage / Gu Gong National Palace Museum Open Data


About Natasha Wang :
A Travel / Food / Skiing Blogger who is Taiwanese and has lived in Taipei for over 15 years. She wants to introduce you to the traditional and modern essentials of Taipei.

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